Saturday, November 9, 2013

Woman in Gallery 153

oil on board 6"x6"

This young woman is stopped in her tracks in front of the beautiful Monet painting Green Park, London. The other painting is Jongkind's Port of Honfleur at Evening.  No matter how often I visit the Philadelphia Museum of Art, I always gravitate to the European Art 1850-1900 wing- just like so many others.


  1. Lovely gesture, and skin tones. So true about the museums - up here at Boston's MFA, all routes lead through the Impressionists and the Sargents. When my daughter was younger, whether we were looking at Egypt or China, or furniture, silver, Asian art... I detoured us through the Sargent works.

    1. Thank you Jody. Yes, all roads lead to the Impressionists, but the Philadelphia Museum is sadly lacking in Sargents.


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