Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Lady in Pink with a Picasso

oil on board 6.5"x6.5"

This lady is standing next to Pablo Picasso's painting Man with a Violin. I like the busyness of the folds of her shirt, and its pink color as contrasted with the more sober colors of the cubist painting. 

I'm still in the midst of a good book about modern art titled What Are You Looking At?: The Surprising, Shocking and Sometimes Strange Story of 150 Years of Modern Art. It's so good! I went to a wonderful school for learning the traditional craft of painting (The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts) but didn't learn enough about art past the Impressionists. I've always loved cubism, though, and especially enjoyed that section of the book. I didn't know that Matisse and Picasso were so extremely competitive, or that Juan Gris and Picasso could never get their cubist mojo back after the huge interruption of World War I. 


  1. I love the pink shirt...and the balance, it's lovely!!

  2. The way you have painted the angle of her hand the light and dark of it is superb, if this had failed the whole painting would suffer. Brilliant draughtsmanship!


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