Saturday, December 28, 2013

Lemon behind Cut Glass

oil on canvas 14" x 16"
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I'm feeling a strong pull towards working larger and spending more time on my paintings.  The "Daily Painting Movement" has overall been good to me, but I do believe it's time to start moving on. In fact, I'm so excited about some plans for larger paintings that I've been having trouble sleeping!

Here is an aerial view of a still life that I carefully set up on my little blue table. I like all the circles; the circle of the table, the cloth, the lemon and the roundness of the vase. I also like the way the seashell in the distance looks like it's torpedo-ing towards it all, hoping to create some chaos. 


  1. Beautiful painting! Feeling the same way about wanting to work larger. Hoping to do both. Happy New Year Painting, Taryn!

  2. Nice work. I like the dancing between the glass the and lemon.
    I cringe when I hear the words, "work larger", but when I do, my creative energy feels happier, stronger.

  3. id recommend not selling these via auction... big paintings dont do well because everyone wants a deal. Usually the best way to go is to list a price then 'email me'.


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