Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Boulevard in Saint-Roch, Quebec City

oil on canvas 18"x16"
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Hoo-boy. I'd been so tired of my long practice of painting so many small paintings, one right after the other, that I was determined to work on something larger. I wanted a subject that I could really get my teeth into. 

This painting went through so many different stages- loose, then tight, then loose, and so on. It was a back-and-forth process, and sometimes enjoyable, sometimes extremely difficult and maddening. 

So now I remember why I like working small, but also remember what I like about working larger, and spending longer on a painting. I like working small because I don't have a chance to get fed up & impatient with a painting, and I paint more spontaneously. I like working larger because sometimes it's good to slow down and work more patiently.

To condense the above, sometimes I feel patient, but sometimes I don't.

So who knows what comes next?


  1. LOL, exactly my feelings about working big vs small!! The painting is spectacular!! What a wonderful sense of dimension between the buildings in the front and the hazy horizon in the back, well done.

  2. Exactly how I feel too! Also I am at the where do I go now place after a great 2013 with small paintings but needing to do something else.... Love your work, you will find a path I am sure


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