Monday, January 20, 2014

Lone Gourd in December

watercolor 8.9"x8.9"
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  1. Love this watercolor, Taryn. Beautiful grays, with the strong orange, perfect!

  2. Beautiful, Taryn--and so much harder than you make it look!

  3. You are really talented painter...I was viewing some of your older post and I am very impressed with your paintings.. keep painting -- all the best..

  4. subtle and powerful at the same time, Taryn.

  5. It's so refreshing to see another artist's work in warercolor when their primary medium is not WC, as they are often not so bogged down by the concern of "techniques" but focus on capturing the sense of color, shape and a vision of atmosphere with much more direct painting methods! I just love to see that! I have learned a lot over the years from your drawings and oil paintings, and I feel I have learned quite a great deal from this little watercolor of yours again! Thank you Taryn!


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