Saturday, April 12, 2014

Towards South Philadelphia

graphite on paper 13"x 8.5"

This is a view from the top of the old PSFS building at 12th & Market Streets in Philadelphia, looking towards South Philly. I'm so entranced by this tremendously sweeping view of the city I lived in for 20 years. 


  1. Neat how you got the feeling of the atmosphere in as well as capturing sunlight.

  2. hey Taryn, i haven't seen any updates in awhile, whats up! i like these bw cityscapes. I have been on a blog hiatus for the last few months - tired of the updating grind, and i have no paintings worth selling anyway. Hope all is going well with you.

    1. Hi Simon, it's nice to hear from you. It's been a struggle to shake the Daily Painting Movement out of my head- still working at it. I'm drawing a lot, and have started several paintings that I didn't finish. Yes, it's hard to paint more slowly when you have a blog that, by its nature, needs to get frequent updates.


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