Thursday, January 17, 2013

Painting the Figure from Digital Images

In the Impressionist Wing

I'm happy to announce that my new online art tutorial, or ArtByte, has just been published! You can find out more about it here. It covers just about everything I've learned (through much trial and error) about painting figures, portraits and animals right from my computer monitor.

This month has sure had me busy with the business side of things. Lots of lesson planning, working on a new blogging project, and getting my second (and final) ArtByte finished has taken almost all my focus. When I'm away from my painting for a while, it seems difficult to pick up a paintbrush when I DO have a little time, as I'm not in the flow.

Also, and maybe only important to me (but I'm dying to share), here is my son's latest song, composed and performed by himself. I wish Will much success in his songwriting career.