Thursday, March 26, 2015

Long and Accidental Still Life

graphite 9"x12"

I often lug a ton of still life paraphernalia to my painting classes. Last week after I got back to my studio, I hastily took everything back out the bags and lay them on a studio table, where I'd been working on my taxes. Once I finished with my taxes, I put my papers away (which had all been on the front section of the table) and noticed an interesting arrangement. 

I like the idea of taking an unplanned arrangement of things and uncovering relationships by emphasizing overall shape over detail. 

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Farewell to my doggie

graphite 6"x8"

Here is my 15 year old wire-haired fox terrier on the last day of her life, which was this past Monday. 

She had a difficult final year, and so I'm glad her suffering is over- but it's still quite sad. In the end, the only time she seemed content was when I held her in my lap, stroking her. Now I wish I'd done more of that. 

I've been working on some larger paintings and experimental stuff, so haven't been posting quite so often. Hope you will bear with me!