Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Shed and Roof, Milford County

oil on paper

I know that many very good painters always work on a toned ground, and choose a tone that is in contrast to the main colors of a painting. For example, in a landscape with lots of green they may use a red or burnt umber tone. I've tried using a toned ground several times, and always decide anew that I dislike it. Seems like false information to me, to have the contrasting tones peeking through everywhere. Maybe I should get over that?

This was painted closer to home, in a beautifully hilly part of Bucks County. Two roads encircling this hill have the old-timey names of "Sleepy Hollow Road" and "Spinnerstown Road". I'm so happy to be living here after spending almost 20 years in Philadelphia. 

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Carbon County Tree Farm

oil on paper
I've just returned from a week near Jim Thorpe, PA, which was the place for the annual week long Day family reunion. I had a great time, despite some inner tension over how much time to devote to painting vs. socializing. 

The area is beautiful, simply beautiful, and I found the local history of the town and area fascinating. I highly recommend the No. 9 coal mining tour if you are ever near Lansford. That is one unprettified, honest and amazing tour, and not for claustrophobics. 

I must see the movie "The Molly Maguires"