Saturday, January 18, 2014

View from Bridgeport PA

graphite on heavyweight paper 9.5"x 21"

I spent a full week on this drawing, and my process was the usual back-and-forth of adding detail upon detail, then erasing and blending to get rid of too much clarity. Too much clarity doesn't give a feeling of atmosphere, and atmosphere = poetic. Sounds a little silly but true.

I know this scene might be thought of as kind of ugly by some, but with the right lighting it becomes gorgeous. Also as usual, the backlight of early morning was the way to go. 

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Three Freesia and Re-learning Patience

oil on board 12"x 8"

This is a painting from a very long time ago, when I used to have patience. I've become so accustomed to following the guidelines of the "Daily Painting Movement" that it's become difficult for me to slow down and give my work the kind of time that it needs. 

My intentions are to move away from my four + year habit of finishing a painting in 1-2 days. This isn't really a decision that I felt free to make: I honestly don't think I can continue to work that way anymore without becoming quite unhappy. Now and then I'll work quickly, but most likely it'll be a way to work out an idea for a larger painting.

There isn't anything wrong with "Daily Painting", and there are many painters out there who work that way with awesome results. It's just that I think MY work is better when I slow down. I'm also a naval-gazer by nature, so slowing down and really stewing over a painting is a better fit for me. 

Thanks for reading this! I'd love to hear what you think. Here's another older painting, one that I spent more than a month on:

Mirrored Still Life with Shell oil on linen 24"x 30"