Sunday, May 4, 2014

Painting Planning

It's been a wrenching process to get away from the Daily Painting mindset. I often hear a nagging voice in my head asking when I'm going to post something on this blog, but right now I want to paint the best I know how, and I don't think my best work is stuff I complete in a couple days.

I'm going to show you a couple of my older paintings of interiors with still life that I'm using as guides for my current work, although I don't want to replicate the style too closely. These two images are digital files from old slides:

Studio Interior oil on canvas 

Studio Table and Plant oil on canvas

I've been doing a lot of drawing, trying to work out ideas for longer-term paintings.  I'm in the midst of a painting now that I'm excited about, but I've had a few false starts. 

Another thing- I'm chucking my camera for a while. From the working drawing to the painting's end, I'm not relying on any photographs. Not that that's a terrible thing, but I believe working from life gives a painting a more personal feeling. 

Here are some current drawings/ideas for paintings:

 Thanks for looking!