Friday, February 29, 2008

White Flowers and Blue Glass

White Flowers and Blue Glass
oil on masonite

I've never been a big fan of flower paintings. I usually think it's too popular and pleasing of a subject, and therefore an easy grab for attention. That being said, I have to also confess that I find flowers a difficult subject. The teeny details can bring out my worst perfectionist tendencies, and usually the flowers wilt long before I am finished.
But having to get this done in one sitting really had me on a roll! I loved every minute of working on this painting. I had to stay loose and general, and had so much fun that I'm ready to paint more flower arrangements. I guess flower paintings are popular for a reason- flowers are beautiful things.
$450 sold


  1. The flowers themselves are a bit impressionistic, which gives the painting a feel different from all
    those sensual, finely worked, floral paintings of yore. interesting that the flowers occupy a kind of middle ground in the piece , bringing the folds of the cloth into greater prominence. Yes, do more flowers!

  2. I just found you site in passing and think you are a refreshing presence on the Internet. Why are paintings preferred to Photographs I wonder. The egg is a bit shiny I thought and its texture is not that different from the other item. oh well. keep up the great work.


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