Friday, April 2, 2010

Tree Outside Window, Black Friday

 pencil and powdered graphite on paper



  1. these are really nice pencil drawings, Taryn.
    God bless and have a great Easter.

  2. I love these pencil and powdered graphite drawings. You get a wonderful feeling of light. I'd love to know how you work with the powdered graphite.

  3. Hi Taryn,

    What sort of paper do you use for these recent drawings? The images online have a beautiful silvery tone that must be somewhat different from what the drawings actually look like (not that I'd think the drawings would be less attractive in person than they appear on your blog>)

  4. Thanks Gary, Amy and Roger. Amy, I begin with pencil, then start to use the powdered graphite to quickly fill in large areas of shadow. I use it with large and small shading stumps, which I dip in the jar and apply directly. It can feel almost like painting.
    Roger, I'm not drawing on anything special. The silvery quality might come from the graphite/pencil combination, but I think the computer image exaggerates that.

  5. Like looking at your paintings, too. The fruit viewed through the bottle is mighty fine!


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