Saturday, July 30, 2011

Watermelon Bowl

oil on panel

I've never painted watermelon before, and I wasn't sure I'd like the subject because I like interesting shapes, not just pleasing color. Once I cut up this watermelon I realized that the wedges can make quite interesting compositions.
The last couple of weeks I've been trying to concentrate on the business end of things, and I've learned something- the business end of things can completely take over if you let it!  I'm traveling to an island in Maine for a couple weeks, and am excited to paint there, but in the midst of packing and running last minute errands I felt that I HAD to do a small painting or explode.  I limited myself to three hours, which stretched to four, then five.


  1. Very nice work with the watermelon wedges! What island in Maine? Mt. Desert? Have a fantastic time! I love painting in Maine...

  2. Thanks Amy! I'm going to Peaks Island, near Portland.

  3. Wow, sounds like a great vacation! I assume there's no internet there...we'll miss you, but it will be relaxing to get away from all that business. I found myself very busy this week with a whole other aspect of this painting life - framing, shipping, varnishing - it's not business, and not quite pleasure. Needs a new category.


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