Monday, April 16, 2012


oil on board

This painting turned out better than the last one. It's probably a good thing that the art crowd consists of polite people- when I post something that isn't too great no one calls me out on it, and I'm greeted instead with a polite silence.

I love the word balustrade. It's purely for the sound of it, and the way it rolls off the tongue. Remember the children's book character Ramona naming her doll Chevrolet just because she liked how it sounded? Life can be similar- sometimes there is no great meaning in a moment, just a sense of happiness over the way it feels to be alive.


  1. Nice design, nice painting, and I love the balustrade, grew up in a big victorian house with many, many porch balustrades.

  2. Hi Taryn

    I think I love reading your words as much as I love looking at your gorgeous paintings!

  3. I love the play of light you are able to gorgeous. I don't believe you have posted a painting that I dislike...some I just like better ;)


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