Saturday, May 26, 2012

Kiwano Melon in a Brown Dish

oil on panel

I'm fond of this painting, and have been hanging on to it for a while, but now I've decided to list it for sale. This is a much better photo than the one I originally posted.

The brown of the ceramic dish holds the reflection of a Labor Day's blue sky.


  1. The cool reflection of light on the plate is gorgeous. Very well painted indeed!

  2. I remember this one and I love it. Your elipses are perfect!

  3. I've been loving this one for a while, too. Want!

  4. Amazing. Difficult reflections and highlights, and you nailed it.

  5. I love these small still life paintings you did from life. The blues singing in harmony with the brown plate's local color... You captured that cool high-lights of porcelain so vividly. The fruit is stated so simply yet completely captures viewer's attention. It's textures only suggested yet totally tactile. When I try to sample the color I realized that the yellow of the fruit is actually very muted, yet in surrounding colors it looks so bright and saturated -- had it really be saturated it would not possess the quietness in harmony with the rest of the painting. I learn so much every time studying your painting. Thanks for sharing.


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