Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Shed and Roof, Milford County

oil on paper

I know that many very good painters always work on a toned ground, and choose a tone that is in contrast to the main colors of a painting. For example, in a landscape with lots of green they may use a red or burnt umber tone. I've tried using a toned ground several times, and always decide anew that I dislike it. Seems like false information to me, to have the contrasting tones peeking through everywhere. Maybe I should get over that?

This was painted closer to home, in a beautifully hilly part of Bucks County. Two roads encircling this hill have the old-timey names of "Sleepy Hollow Road" and "Spinnerstown Road". I'm so happy to be living here after spending almost 20 years in Philadelphia. 

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