Sunday, September 9, 2012

Three Girls in a Crowd


Here are three preteen girls, lots of sunlit blond hair and a feather boa. What's not to like?

I drew this from a photo I took on New Year's Day. Here is the original photo- you can see how much cropping it took to come up with a composition I liked (and 8 months passed before I realized I had something).


  1. Fabulous - I love the range of values you used so extremely well!
    I love graphite too.

  2. Taryn, there's so much going on in this photo - I don't think I'd have found anything in it but your eye sure did. I love it. Now I'm inspired to comb through photos previously cast off as "unpaintable".
    ps - I am more than a wee bit jealous of your drawing skills. ♥


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