Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Kiss

6.9"x6" oil on board
I lingered near Rodin's The Kiss for a long time, trying to surreptitiously take picture after picture, with more than a few curious looks in my direction. I like the contrast here between the woman bundled for winter, and the spendidly naked couple she's observing. I'm happy with this painting.


  1. If you were NOT happy with this painting I would have to take your temperature! It is a fabulous painting.
    It has a story for the viewer to develop on their
    the harmony, design and technique are spot on perfection!

  2. I'm happy with it too. Just in time for Valentines day. I like the stark white against her dark clothing...also the contrast of a couple and her figure alone...and many many more all the space between things.

  3. Great piece. Love the whites and the pop of red in the hat. Just love it!

  4. Great painting! I love his gentle hand on her hip, which you conveyed beautifully.


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