Sunday, April 28, 2013

Alleyway in April

oil on board 6"x7"

I've drawn and painted this same house and alley several times, and feel a little guilty returning to the same subject. I do find it so charming, though. Here are some of my other versions of the same scene from the past:

October Morning oil on paper 2012

A Small World Lay Spread Before Me pen and ink wash 2013

Alley in Perkasie oil on board 2008

The last one is from a few year's back. It's so small- 3.4"x3.75"! I'm glad to be painting a little larger these days...


  1. But each painting has its own charm. :)

  2. Fascinating Taryn - the greats often returned to the same subject and this one is so very "you". Such fun to see it differently each time, with a different crop, perspective, medium, even the light in the scene itself. Great post!!!


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