Sunday, June 30, 2013

Artist's Studios Online Tour- a Blog Carnival!

Today a group of painters are writing about our studios. There is so much variety in our working spaces- some have spacious studios and others work on their kitchen tables. Now you can tour these studios online.

Visit the links below to tour the participating artist's studios:

Marla LaubischCarol SchiffKaethe BealerJo MacKenzie
Michael ChamberlainCharleen MartinSally BinardJacklyn Karabaich
Sharon GravesSea DeanJohnna SchellingTaryn Day
Julie Ford OliverSarah SedwickKim RempelCindy Michaud
Joanne GrantCarmen BeecherCindy WilliamsCathy Engberg

My Studio

My studio is the third floor of my home in Perkasie, PA.

I used to rent studio space ages ago, but like most artists, I'm perpetually on a budget. It's so much cheaper and more comfortable to work at home, although this was a challenge when my two kids were small and underfoot. It's a good sized space, about 350 square feet. I had two skylights put in, so it is filled with light.

This is a view of my favored painting corner, 
with a large skylight and a north-facing window.

This is the smaller skylight at the other side of the room, 
where I prepare painting surfaces and pack and ship my work.

I like to keep my main space uncluttered, so I shove most of my art supplies and still life paraphenalia into the long thin hallway-like space that juts out from the main room.

Yes, that's a cow pelvis hanging on the wall.

I sometimes paint from my own images, as viewed on my
raised computer monitor. I often work upside down, and always standing up, 
even standing clear across the room so I don't get hung up on details.

Here is my small but essential single wall shelf,
where I keep an eye on my most recent work.

I won't go into much detail about my supplies, because I have an online art tutorial that covers most of that, but these are my two most important tools:

Essential tool #1: My sturdy Soltek easel, which I use both indoors and out. 
It holds up in the wind, is less wobbly than a wooden French easel, 
and can fit into all kinds of tight places in my studio.

Essential tool #2: My journals. These pages have helped me sort out my
worries, and have guided me through many creative logjams. 

And that's the end of my studio tour. Thank you Marla Laubisch for the invitation to participate in the Artists' Studios Online Tour, and thank you for visiting my studio! 


  1. Hi happy to visit your studio!! You have great light, and I love your shelves that hold your still life props!!
    Such a small world!! We are only a few miles away from each other...I am in Buckingham!

  2. Hi Taryn...I just found out about the Artist's Studio Tours...great idea! Love your light filled space and shelves, we can always fill more!! Thanks for the tour!

  3. this is one of my all time favorite posts! I love seeing artist's studio spaces and how they create their creative nests!

  4. No studio is complete without a cow pelvis!

    Good tip about painting upside down. I've put a piece of tape on the floor in front of the easel, beyond which I'm not allowed to step. So I don't get too close and detailed.

  5. Taryn, thanks for the tour! I love your uncluttered sensibility (something I am continually trying for!) and the upside down painting note. I often turn a piece upside down to check things or when something isn't working, but I hadn't thought of starting a painting that way. Fantastic work.

  6. I am so pleased to get the inside peek into your studio space. Very well organized. I had a feeling you would be.
    Great idea about the upside down. I teach the same principle with copying the work of a master but to start a piece that way is a wonderful idea. Thanks, Taryn
    I am such a fan of your work.

  7. I like the upside down tip too. I`ve always been able to read and write upside down so perhaps this will work for me. Especially with portraits.

  8. Thanks for sharing your space, Taryn! Wonderful idea and love your work.

  9. Joanne, it's really cool that you are so nearby. Thanks to everyone who appreciated my uncluttered studio- I confess that I did a big clean up. Still, I think better when I'm working in a serene, almost empty space, so I do try to continually pick up after myself.

  10. Oh Taryn, what a wonderful space you have. Your talent is incredible!

  11. Love your studio and I especially like the idea of a clutter free painting area. Beautiful figure work. Going to check out your tutorials. Also like the journals.

  12. Your studio space is beautiful Taryn! I LOVE the light from those windows. What an inspiring place to create.

  13. Great seeing your space and love your work. My first professional painting class did the upside down and we all emphatically declared it was our best painting. Never occurred to me to do that on a monitor. Thanks for the tip, I do believe I will be joining you since my engineer head keeps getting in my way!

  14. Thank you for sharing (and all the other artists too). Your studios gave me a lot to think about. I wish there was more time. And I absolutely love The Art Room!


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