Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Almost to the Castle

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I photographed this charming girl at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. She was with several adults who were closely attending a tour in Spanish. The tour guide spent at least a half hour in each room, and the little girl kept gesturing and whispering to herself, wrapped up in an imaginary world.

She reminded me of my own daughter Julia's childhood, when she would often talk to herself while acting out some story in her mind. Once my brother-in-law, in observing Julia in the thick of her private play-acting, said "she's almost to the castle". That is such a wonderful way to put it!

I think my paintings have been getting a tad bit uptight lately, which is always painful, and I've been feeling a little blocked. Thankfully this little painting seemed to float out of me.


  1. Nothing up-tight about this lovely painting.
    I relate to what you wrote. It is almost a little weird how we can revert to a more uptight stage and have to mentally choose to get back to where we want to be.
    It worked with this one, Taryn... good for you.

  2. Such a delightful expression... I too have a grand-daughter who enjoys her 'inner stories'... this painting speaks to that!

  3. so very sweet... I too have a little girl-grandie, who dreams while walking!

  4. I so can relate to what you said, Taryn. Thanks for sharing! Wonderful story and great painting!

  5. Such a beautiful post that we can all relate to. You did an amazing job with this portrait...


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