Sunday, July 31, 2016

The Whites

oil on linen mounted on board 10" x 10"

These little white guys are afraid of the universe, and so they band together to make a tiny fortress.

I've always loved painting things that are white or light grey, but never realized just how subtle color variations can be found in such objects- that is, until I spent forever on this painting. The white gang sits on a sheet of fish-patterned paper that I found at The Paper Source. That store is a wonderful place for artists to find inspiration, and one sheet of beautiful paper can be very cheap. 


  1. What a masterful painting! your ability to decipher the whites is incredible!

  2. Wow.... just found your blog by accident, via Julie Ford Oliver's blog. Became an immediate follower. Just love your stuff :) !!

  3. 'The Whites' - There is nothing better than an eye catching title. So the advertising people tell me. Admittedly ... I did stop to take another look at this painting. So the title must be working. And the painting works also. Really appreciate it.

    1. Thank you Elizabeth. I used to give my work boring titles like "White Vase on Blue Cloth", but now I want to try and explain my intent with a more illustrative title.

  4. Oh Taryn, I don't know how how I missed this gem. It is visually satisfying on a deep level.


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