Monday, May 21, 2018

Mirrored Still Life with Wooden Garlic

oil on canvas mounted on board 8"x 8"

This was a tough one. The still life was lit with such a strong spotlight that I needed to keep the shadows fairly dark in order to show their strong contrast with the brilliantly lit areas. As always, I never seem to feel sure as to how much detail I want to include. Sometimes lots of detail helps a painting be strong, sometimes it hurts! 


  1. It may have felt tough but you certainly ended up solving the problems beautifully. It looks effortless!

  2. Taryn, your work is beautiful and oh so clean. There is a softness that I just love.

  3. Flawless work, I must say. You are a great artist and your work is wonderful.

  4. I love still life painting. Great work done. Flawless work. Wondeful 5d diamond painting


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