Sunday, December 27, 2020

Turban Squash

pastel on pastel card 14"x17.5"

I'm continuing to try and teach myself pastels. My likes and frustrations are probably the same as other artists who struggle with the medium after being comfortable with using oils. I'm entranced by the texture, and the way areas can be left showing either lots of pastel strokes or else easily blended softness. I'm frustrated at not always having the exact colors I need (I have a somewhat small supply), as sometimes only a pure color is what is needed. 

This drawing took me two weeks, and is larger than I normally work. An oil this size would have taken me at least a month. So that's a plus. A minus is the way the dark colors of the background would rain down on the squash whenever I worked back there. And that I can't spray it!! I did purchase some expensive fixitive made specially for pastels and tried it on something else- it darkens and dulls the colors just like any other fixitive. 

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  1. Taryn,
    1) What pastels are you using? 2) Your website's ability to magnify areas is wonderful, allowing viewers to see strokes applied. Any other views on the site (I'm now using FASO.) Great work! Stephen Horne


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