Friday, November 14, 2008

Some drawings I've forgotten about

An old friend who has collected my work for years (and years) took photos of some pieces of mine he owns and just sent them to me. The landscape wash drawings are from the mid 1980s, when I used to haunt a lot of industrial areas looking for interesting subject matter. I've gotten older and more cautious since then, and probably wouldn't risk hanging out in these sorts of places now. Experience will do that to you!
Some of my more potentially dangerous experiences:
Once I was drawing in a wooded area and a man walked along the trail and asked me if I'd "seen any cops." He proceeded to take off all his clothes and then spread out a towel and lay down. There was a nude swimming beach a quarter mile away, but this was just too weird for me!
Once I was painting in a thicket of trees and a man began circling the area on his motorcycle, around and around and around. I was totally absorbed in what I was doing and ignored him. Then I realized he had parked his bike and was thrashing through the woods towards me. I fled.
Once I was painting under a cliff and someone heaved a rock the size of a basketball at me, which missed me but smashed the leg of my easel. I could have been killed, obviously.
There's more, but I'll spare you!
Working inside is so nice and cozy and safe, but honestly it can get really dull too.


  1. These are comments a Mother does not want to see!!

  2. Thanks for reminding me of why I prefer to paint indoors! It's odd how being out working (sketching, painting) reads as an 'invitation' to the predatory types-- I had a few weird experiences back in the day, too (wonder if men get bothered out in the field, as well?). Guess that how my camera turned into my sketchbook.

    It's good to revisit our older work now and then, and get a sense of our history. Your wash drawings are just lovely.

  3. Thanks R Garriott (I don't know your first name and can't find it on your blog).
    Yes, I think it's harder for women to paint outdoors safely. I've never been one to want to paint in a group situation either- if one other person is with me that can be fun, as long as they are painting too. There's nothing worse than someone counting the minutes til I finish.


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