Sunday, October 5, 2008

Large Pot of Yellow Chrysanthemums

oil on masonite

Yesterday morning I went out to buy some gourds and some Chrysanthemum plants for the front porch. My intention was to paint the gourds, and so I spent three hours trying to put together a good composition of the absurdly shaped and grotesquely warted things. I finally gave up, since I felt totally uninspired. If I'm uninspired, I just can't make my brush move.
Then last night in bed I realized that the generous pot of yellow mums are what I really wanted to paint. So here they are.


  1. Absolutely beautiful. Yellow is a hard color to paint but you're done a magnificent job. I like the way you painted the mums without defining every petel. Very nice.

  2. I share your gourd feelings - glad you chose the flowers for which you painted a good sense of light.

  3. You chose the right thing to paint. This is lovely. Nice work.


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