Saturday, February 25, 2012

Study of a Waitress

graphite on paper

Out of brushes, I spent the day on a study for a painting. This woman is a waitress at Philadelphia's busy Reading Terminal Market, pausing to write down an order midst a constant stream of people.

My brushes have been getting more and more fudgy, so I threw them all away after my last painting. Shortly after that my camera died. No camera, no brushes- I took this as a sign to take a break from art for a few days.  The camera I ordered arrived yesterday, but I'm still waiting for the brushes.

I've been using Utrecht series 214 and 215 brights and rounds since...well, since the 80s. I love them- well, I HAVE loved them- like a second set of fingers, until the Utrecht representative told me over the phone that they are "not making them anymore". I've ordered some 239s, and I sure hope they'll work well- does anyone care to share what their favorite brush is? I'd love to hear!


  1. I LOVE this and would certainly treasure it if it were of a friend or family member!! The graphite is wonderful for this. You should offer to sell it to the waitress!

  2. Beautiful drawing. Both these are a really nice compliment to the studies in paint.

  3. This one moves me so much -- the strength and slight tiredness showing through her expression, telling a story of life not so easy, and the struggle most of us have experienced at one point or another in time -- the ordinary and the extraordinary of someone you come across day after day -- it's soulful, and I'm regretting not seeing it before it's sold.

  4. Beautiful drawing and I'm crazy about your paintings :)

    my $.02 worth: I use Robert Simmons Titanium series. Don't like the high prices but I use a coupon at michaels or ac moore. These brushes have short brights like I like and they hold a very sharp tight edge for a long time.

  5. People are great sources of inspiration, aren't they?
    Please,have a look at my blog when you have time. Though it is about chinese painting and nature objects mainly.


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