Saturday, March 10, 2012

New Year's Day

graphite on paper
Drawing helps me to enjoy painting more. I think it's because it's a relief to be able to focus on line and value without color, but then I'm always glad to get back to painting after a drawing break.


  1. I agree, Taryn. Taking a break can be so refreshing to our perspective and our enthusiasm! And there is something so lovely about charcoal. This is just beautiful.

  2. I really love your drawing -- which is a very powerful simplified statement of the essence of your subjects.

    One technical question: Do you use softer pencil to achieve the broader, flat marks?

  3. Thanks Ann and Arena. Arena, I use a 4B or 5B drawing pencil to do a careful line drawing, then use a softer pencil to start blocking in shadows. At that point I usually think the drawing looks too careful and the light doesn't look natural, so I start using a stomp, basically smearing, erasing and then adding more shadows, then blending again and erasing again. I don't like many of the lines and edges to show at the end- looks too tight that way.


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