Friday, March 2, 2012

Cook in a Malaysian Restaurant Kitchen

oil on board

A few weeks ago I ate at a great Philly Malaysian restaurant called Banana Leaf. I asked the cooks for permission to take some pictures of the open kitchen area. Although they didn't mind, this guy gave me and my camera a pretty wary look. He was doing something with a small mountain of mangoes.

After spending some time this past week drawing instead of painting, I felt a little impatient with how difficult it is to paint a face that is only an inch tall. Working with the precision of pencil (and a blending stomp) was satisfying. Still, I wanted to get a definite likeness in this scene because this young man's expression was what drew me in.


  1. THis is great, Taryn - the wary expression, so well captured. Do you miss working from life? Are you waiting until natural light is more plentiful (in the summer)?

  2. This is great! The shapes, the simplification, and the expression looks so natural.

  3. Thanks Sarah. Yes, I do miss working from life, even though learning to work from photographs (using my monitor) has allowed me to expand my subject matter. The other day I went to Whole Foods to find some vegetables or fruits to paint, and felt totally uninspired. Still, I need to get back to still life and landscape.
    Also I'm working 20 hours a week now, and working from my computer monitor means I can work into the evenings.

  4. You did a great job of capturing his look but also the body stance too.

  5. The expression is wonderful, you can tell he is wondering what the heck you are doing taking his picture! The colors and composition really create a sense of kitchen activity! Love it.
    (Miss seeing you up on DPP!)


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