Saturday, July 28, 2012

Brussels Sprouts in a Box Lid

oil on board

Brussels Sprouts are my favorite vegetable, sliced in half and roasted with olive oil. I think I have that for dinner about twice a week. 

I've been wanting to get back to still life, so I can still work when the weather isn't fine for painting outdoors. After months of looking at complex panoramic views, and trying to get information down as quickly as possible (before the sun moves too much), it's been difficult for me to paint from a still life without staring too hard, getting too hung up on detail, and losing sight of the whole. This one went better than the last one (which I wiped out).

I'm a little shy about this, but what the heck. A Philadelphia videographer has made a short film about my work. John Thornton makes excellent films about nationally recognized artists, Philadelphia area artists and jazz musicians. You can view more of his work at his Rusty Scupperton YouTube channel


  1. Love brussels sprouts, and especially love these sprouts. Beautiful.

  2. Beautiful little painting! And a really nice little film about you!

  3. I LOVE Brusssels, you've got their colour just right. I like the composition too, it suits them to be arranged in a formal way in a little box. I'm growing loads of them and can't wait 'till harvest time

  4. Thank you Jody, Amy and Nigel. Nigel, I'm so glad that you see the wisdom of the box :)

  5. Taryn,
    Thanks for sharing the wonderful film. It is nice to get a better feeling of/why/how you work!

  6. Brussel sprouts are my favorite also and I prepare them the same way. Love this looks yummy!

    I also watched your video...what a great interview. I shared it on my FB page! You should promote it more!

  7. Taryn, love the painting, and love your video! Congratulations!

  8. Love the brussel sprouts! And I love the video. Very nicely done!! I'm going to share it on FB.

  9. Taryn, you are one of my favorite contemporary painters. It was great getting to know you better at the Gettysburg Art Colony, and watching this terrific short film was very insightful into your work process.

  10. Thanks to everyone for watching the film! John is very, very good at what he does.

  11. First - I adore your painting. It captured the light perfectly.
    I cook mine the same way but often sprinkle Parmesan on them.

    Second - It was a treat to watch the video. I am a still life lover so I saw some amazing ones I have not seen on your blog. Thanks for taking the time to do it and although he

    John is good I know your high caliber work made him look better.
    I will look for the artbytes,


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