Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Quebecois Cows

oil on board 5.5"x 8"

Two of these beautiful cows were curious about me, while two were decidedly not, which leads me to wonder about the nature of the curious ones. Are they more intelligent than the other two, or just less hungry? Or maybe cows take turns with inquisitiveness, with only a few of them on duty at a time.


  1. maybe the ones still munching had been taught it was rude to stare!

    (hope you know that is a joke)

    As always anything you do turns into paint magic. You can even make me like cows.

  2. Two are more sociable...while the other two definitely had food on their mind!! Love these cows,the light on them is lovely!!

  3. very nice painting. I enjoy watching cows. Curious and non :D

  4. awww...Cows are the only creatures I can think of that are just as cute when grown up as they are as babies - maybe second only to manatees.
    The ones who checked you out are more self-confident, bound for stardom if only they could escape this little farm town. ;) Love how you simplified the features in the face of the furthest cow and gave the foreground one just enough detail to make out her skeptical squint. Another beauty Taryn!

  5. Beautiful blue on the face of the cow on the right! And violet on the neck of the cow near the left. Wonderful rich darks. Such a nice, abstract composition, with the bright green negative space patches. A beauty.


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