Tuesday, September 24, 2013


The structure of an artichoke is such a pleasure to look at, and to paint. The green leaves in different lighting can look blue, purple, or lime green, and the tips have that lovely bit of orange. Best of all, when one stands upright, it seems to be emblematic of a pride and inner strength. At least for me. 
My new Mac desktop monitor show this image as having both strong color and contrast, while the same image on my old Dell monitor looks dull and washed out. Instead of fixing the image so it looks right on the Dell, I'm sticking with what looks good on the Mac. Anyone have any advice?


  1. I am looking at it on my dell monitor and it shows beautiful warm and cools with strong darks. This has marvelous structure and is beautifully painted.

    1. Thank you Julie! I think I need to fiddle around with my Dell monitor- it seems to me that the display has gotten more lackluster over time, and maybe some adjustments will help.


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