Monday, February 2, 2015

Children Sleeping

Five drawings of my sleeping children, Julia and Will. A lovely subject as close to my heart as a subject can get.

I will be leaving Daily Paintworks on February 20. I've got just a few paintings left for sale there, and you can view them here. My two art tutorials will continue to be available.

I'm now working on paintings and drawings that I don't finish in a few days, and much of my future finished pieces will still be for sale via this page.


  1. fantastic drawings.. i esp like the planarity and subtle modelling on the third one. Congrats on the exit from dpw. Maybe we should start some sort of ex-dpw club!

  2. They are so beautiful and your work is tender. I was not surprised to read they are yours.

  3. Amazing and beautiful drawings! Pure pleasure to look at.


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