Friday, February 13, 2015

Lilies with Carved Ornament

charcoal 16"x11"

When I teach drawing classes, I try and remember to bring along a can of reworkable spray fixitive. Once a student asked me why it's called "reworkable". I wasn't sure, but said that I thought you could "fix" your drawing, then add more marks over that. For the first time that is what I did with this drawing- when I'd almost had enough of it, I sprayed it and then added some additional layers of shadow. Charcoal is such an ephemeral (and sometimes maddening) medium that it was really cool to be able to make it stay in place and continue to work. I think I'll try this again. 


  1. This is a wonderful charcoal drawing. I enlarged it just so I could drool with pleasure over your mark making. You made my day brighter with your talent.

  2. Taryn, I'm sad that you are leaving the Daily Paintworks community, but thought it is great that you are opening a new leaf of your artistic life! I have been working primarily on larger drawings and paintings from life in the past five months and was myself almost entirely absent from DPW... There is just so much to do and never enough time to do all of them! I've learned a lot from your direct, immediate painting methods in the past three years. Thank you! I love these recent drawings of yours, and they remind me how far I still have to go in my training and practice to be able to truly express myself with drawings like you did here... I will try to keep in touch better this year and looking forward to see your new, larger works on this blog!


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