Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Three Small Landscapes

Peaks Island Road 
oil on paper mounted on board   5 5/8" x 7"

 Carbon County Tree Farm 
oil on paper mounted on board  6" x 6 5/8"

Perkasie View
oil on paper mounted on board 5" 1/2 x 7"


  1. Wow the sense of real daylight is uncanny. I would be interested to hear about mounting paper on board - is it oil painting paper, how do you adhere the paper on the board, what kind of board is it? I play with the thought of oil painting but the ease of watercolor on paper has won so far. This method could be convenient though.

  2. Thank you Leena. I haven't liked using oil painting paper, and prefer a 300 lb smooth watercolor paper, gessoed with three layers front and back. I only mount the ones I'm happy with on board, which saves money. It also helps me feel like I can take more risks, because I'm keeping my expenses down.


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