Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Two paintings from the Village of Upper Ridge Valley

 Church Courtyard Tree  oil on paper 6"x6"

Large Pine Tree oil on paper mounted on board 6"x8"

I've spend a few hours painting on the grounds of a beautiful country church, in the tiny town of Upper Ridge Valley, Bucks County. 


  1. You are really skilled at depicting daylight, just normal daylight without any dramatic effects. As if you had finished each painting with an invisible glaze. It is very pleasant to the eyes after all the strong lighting statements one sees on instagram, which can also be beautiful but not as convincing.

    1. Thanks Leena, for your words. I'm a huge fan of your work.

    2. Wow thank you. I am still finding my way through the style jungle. Most at home with graphite drawing. Painting, and colors in general, make things a lot more complicated and there are suddenly so many choices to make... What I find interesting with your work is that you seem to have a fairly consistent "hand" in all the media that you use, your drawings and paintings are clearly made by the same person. That is something I would like to accomplish.


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