Friday, June 29, 2012

Church Street House

oil on paper

I really enjoyed working on this one, despite the heat- it was about 95 degrees out, and I was standing in the sun. This large and attractive house is directly across the street from a Lutheran church, leading me to believe it used to be the parish house. I finished the painting at noon, when to my surprise the church bells sounded out the chorus from Beethoven's Ninth. 

I've got something new going on that I'm pretty excited about. I've put together my first art tutorial- "An Artist on a Budget". It covers what's in my toolbox of essential art supplies, as well as ways I've found to save money while still using quality materials.


  1. I love this Taryn. Houses from this era have a special appeal to me and the yellow color is so cheery.
    I just helped to take down the DPP exhibit at the capitol and was able to see your 4 paintings up close. You have such a wonderful sense of light in your work and beautiful color subtleties that don't always come across on the computer screen. They really must be seen in person.

  2. What a wonderful and grand house! Another beautiful painting Taryn.

    Congratulations on the art byte! I didn't hesitate to buy it. Terrific!!!


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