Friday, June 22, 2012

Oil City, Little Grey House

oil on paper

One of the things I love about painting on location is the way the slim expanse of time I spend standing and working becomes a little pocket of memory. Even now, looking at this painting, I can remember the man who stopped to tell me now much he loves this view, and how St. Joseph's (seen here in the distance, looking a bit like a rabbit with very alert ears) has seen him through good times and bad. 

I also remember the 85 year old woman who came down off her porch three times to talk with me, walker and all. I remember exactly what she said- "Do you ever watch Bob Ross? He paints so fast and his hair is so curly. Well I guess he is deceased now." 

I remember the sounds, the smells, the quality of the light. It's almost as if I set up and meditated there. Nothing quite so peaceful yet so all absorbing as painting plein air, for me.


  1. Taryn, you have expressed your thoughts about your plein air experience so beautifully, and your painting is magnificent. I really enjoy it when people who live in the area where I am painting come up to me and talk...even the ones who ask if I know Bob Ross.

  2. Beautifully said, and beautiful painting.

  3. Thanks Claire and Jody. This particular painting, and the particular spot I stood in to paint it, will always be a part of me. Sounds sappy but true.


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