Sunday, July 22, 2012

Lumberville Towpath

oil on paper

I spent a lovely Sunday along the Delaware River, in the small and timeless town of Lumberville, PA. I went with two women painters, one of whom grew up in Lumberville and had lots of great memories of the place.

There were so many, many different shades of green in this scene that I worried the painting might be a little monotonous, but after a half hour of fumbling to make sense of it all by claiming the big basic shapes, it started to come together. The colors in the real painting are a tad bit richer and more varied then what you see here.

I've been feeling kind of stuck this past week. I've wanted to work in my studio, but feel so uninspired by still life after all this plein air painting. Wish I could get interested in a bowl of cherries again! 


  1. I love your still lives, Taryn! Maybe you just need a trip to the thrift store for something new to paint (or the flower shop or garden center!). This plein air is lovely - I like the spot of blue where the path meets the horizon.

  2. Nice painting, just enough ochre to balance the greens.

    The cherries? put them in a pie!

    and a rummage around a junk shop always does it for me

  3. Thank you Sarah and Nigel. Yes, a visit to a junk shop/thrift store is in order!

  4. I like how the moving clouds threw the background in shadow and spotlighted the brilliant greens.

  5. Thanks Pat. The weather was changeable, and I tried to not change the values and colors from what I first put down, despite the sun coming and going.


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