Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Bethlehem, PA

watercolor and pencil 9"x15"
I haven't been painting, as I've been way too busy lately. For one thing, I moved a month ago to a gorgeous loft-style apartment in a wooded area. I've been teaching drawing and painting classes, plus working two other part time jobs- but now I'm starting to feel settled and eager to get back to it. 

While organizing my new studio situation, I came across this watercolor of Bethlehem, PA that I'd thought was not good enough to post, but now I think it's okay. Funny how stepping back can make an improvement in outlook!

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  1. it's fantastic. i don't know what you've been smoking but stop that. Everything that you pour your best effort into is on a level that few artists will ever achieve, Taryn, so I don't understand the self doubt. I'd say this is one of your best works, and your control of the medium is rarely seen among watercolorists, esp with architectural stuff. Make it, post it, sell it, and never look back, and NEVER doubt yourself, esp what you think is second rate.


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